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Category: Casino

  • 21
    Classic Black Jack game where you have to get a 21 to make black jack. Classic Casino game

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    389 plays

  • 21 black jack
    Classic Black Jack 21 game.

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    390 plays

  • 2nd Chance: Halloween Edition
    Spin the Wheel and try to win the highest amount of credits. Watch out for Bust.

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    287 plays

  • 52 Card Pickup
    Here is a chance to try your hand at the classic card game, 52 Card Pickup. The aim is to pick up all 52 card as quickly as p...

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    304 plays

  • 7 Minute Bash
    If you've played video poker before, get ready to take it to a whole new level. 7 Minute Bash is like video poker on steroid...

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    288 plays

  • Aces Up
    Move all cards to the the waste pile except for the four aces.

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    264 plays

  • Addictive Tri Peak
    A beautiful Tri Peak game with special cards and Pair game. Play Tri peak with four special cards namely stop time, undo, ...

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    281 plays

  • Ade Hearts
    Hearts is a trick taking game in which the object is to avoid winning tricks containing hearts; the queen of spades is even m...

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    411 plays

  • Agnes II
    A variant of the very popular game Klondike.

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    391 plays

  • Algerian Patience
    Agerian Patience solitaire is an interesting but difficult game.

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    253 plays

  • animal machine
    try your luck.

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    418 plays

  • Animal Slots
    Animal Slots is a 3 column slot machine game. Accumulate as many points as you can in 10 spins.

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    372 plays

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