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  • Solitarire card game
    Classic Solitaire game. The most played game in the world.

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    162 plays

  • Solo Hero
    You take the role of a pilot in WWII codenamed 'Blue Dragon'. You have just returned from a successful raid and have to cross...

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    138 plays

  • Solo Noble
    Annoyingly addictive game where the object is to remove marbles and be left with only one.

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    147 plays

  • Solo Words
    This Solitaire style word game is perfect for word game lovers and casual gamers everywhere. Players race through 4 rounds w...

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    225 plays

  • Soluku
    Named after the famous game, Soluku offers players a choice of the amount of numbers displayed. And all the puzzles are rando...

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    131 plays

  • Sombrero Sledge Hammer
    Collect the tacos and slaughter the nasty cockroaches! Sombrero fun!

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    107 plays

  • Someone Towed The Car - FML
    Someone towed your car and you have to do whatever you can to try to talk the tow truck guy from the $300 pricepoint. Keep i...

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    139 plays

  • Something Fishy
    This time something is really fishy as the fishes are hunting for their munch. Well, of course it's big news but they will st...

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    149 plays

  • Something Intergalactica
    Play as legendary space-traveller Zirconius and fight the endless onslaught of Vipers in this fast-paced arcade-style action ...

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    109 plays

  • Somewhere in space
    A space shooter game, defeat all enemies and complete all 10 levels. Buy upgrades at the end of each level. A cool space shoo...

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    128 plays

  • Sonar2
    Sonar is a puzzle game, navigate your way through the maze and try to conserve your sonar usage to reach the portal!

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    173 plays

  • Song Poem
    Learn how to pronounce Chinese with this game ! Match Chinese characters with the correct pronunciation to improve your liste...

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    178 plays

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