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  • Square
    On the screen above the squares appear the same size. Keyboard keys manage the incident square. There are 12 kinds of squares...

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    123 plays

  • Square Attack!
    Yellow squares are invading! Destroy them before it's too late!

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    97 plays

  • Square Blaster
    Square Blaster: Aim and fire at squares. Can you score 50,000 points and get the Victory Award? Or, even better yet, can you...

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    135 plays

  • Square Blockade!
    Avoid the balls to reach a high score.

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    153 plays

  • Square friends
    Though, someone may like solitude but sometime such time occurs when you need to talk to someone. Even, if you are a square. ...

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    121 plays

  • Square It
    Many childhoods have been spent playing this addictive game. Otherwise known as dots and dashes, squares, and many other n...

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    187 plays

  • Square Jump
    Reach the outer space and maybe you will see the aliens. Keep the mouse over square hero to make him jumping. Collect 50 ...

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    127 plays

  • Square Puzzles
    Fill in the grid with squares (of any size) that do not touch or overlap, even at the corners. The numbers below and at the r...

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    131 plays

  • Square Smasj
    Smash the squares to score. The more you smash at once the better. Three distinct gametypes are included.

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    122 plays

  • Square Squasher
    Click and break touching blocks in this action packed puzzle thriller.

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    142 plays

  • Square Team
    Click on the square that you want to control, then use the arrow keys to move the square. The goal of this game is to get 1 (...

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    117 plays

  • Square Tower
    The aim of the game is to build and upgrade different types of Towers to defeat your enemies. Note - You can't delete/sell...

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    105 plays

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