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    Cool game if you are a good aimer! Klok in the screen and guide your egg to the next basket! If you click on the right time y...

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    123 plays

  • The Chimaera Stones
    Create a three man Group of heroes to discover the secret behind an ancient artefact, hidden since the Wars of Magic! Fight d...

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    161 plays

  • The Circ
    A small arcade game.

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    100 plays

  • The Clickers
    Click on the button as much as possible within 10 seconds and see if you are clickers the fastest among your friends,..

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    145 plays

  • The Collector
    Escape The Collector’s grasp! Avoid the traps and guide yourself out of the house.

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    150 plays

  • The Color Lines
    Color Lines (aka Lines) is a computer puzzle game, invented by Oleg Demin and first introduced as a video game by the Russian...

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    189 plays

  • The Colorful Chess
    The colorful Chess ® is a variant of chess and an excellent mental challenge. Imagine a classic chess board, with colored sq...

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    181 plays

  • The Competitor
    Top-down shooters always depict the one lone shooter attacking a barrage of perfectly placed enemies only to win at the end. ...

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    89 plays

  • The Complex
    “The Complex”; a 3d first person shooter inspired heavily by the FPS games of the early to mid 90's. Try to stay alive fo...

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    168 plays

  • The Consumer
    Play as one of 4 characters, collect items and grow in size! But be careful not to eat anything larger than yourself..

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    125 plays

  • The Continuum: Evasion
    When you are in hostile territories, you must Evade your enemy. Keep your enemies at bay by using the fast melee attacks and...

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    122 plays

  • The Cook
    Port of old game called "Chef". Move the cook left and right to juggle with food and don't let it fall on the floor. Cat on t...

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    111 plays

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