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  • Zombie Canyon
    The zombies are rebelling - try to stop them from escaping from the canyon prison and killing the norms at the tops of the cl...

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    118 plays

  • Zombie Canyon China
    chinese version of the fwg game

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    110 plays

  • Zombie Car Clash Madness
    Zombies and robots have taken the city! You're the only survivor of this apocalyptic world. In your car, armed with a gun, y...

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    163 plays

  • Zombie Catapult
    Aim the catapult to launch the zombie into the coffin. The smart obstacles will make your task harder. Select the shot size w...

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    191 plays

  • Zombie Circus Escape
    The town has been over run with zombies and they have taken victims prisoner at the circus. Help rescue the victims and kill...

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    138 plays

  • Zombie Cockroach
    Continue from Smack-A-Lot : Zombie, this time a cockroach has been infected by the Zombie virus after contracting it from a f...

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    176 plays

  • Zombie Combat Area
    Zombie Combat Area is a game where, using the mouse and / or wiimote, you shoot zombies that come from the sides. Score as m...

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    103 plays

  • Zombie Cop
    Stan the cop finds himself in the middle of the great zombie boroughs of Cincinnati. Fight, build your arsenal, and then fig...

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    135 plays

  • Zombie Creator
    Create your very own Zombie! Customize it, give it a name, then hear it's story.

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    117 plays

  • Zombie Crusade
    Zombie Crusade is a tower defence game set in middle ages times and you are attacked by zombified crusaders. Game consists of...

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    106 plays

  • Zombie Crusher
    You're a alien, and have just one mission: Destroy the zombies that infested your planet, and threaten the peace of your peop...

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    133 plays

  • Zombie Death Match
    Battle other zombies to become the death match champion! You are defending your turf and the other zombies want it. They will...

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    105 plays

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