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  • Crazy ship
    Jigsaw Puzzle - Crazy ship

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    126 plays

  • Crazy Shooting
    You have 30 seconds to shoot as many targets as you can. If you shoot to small targets and in the center of targets, you will...

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    164 plays

  • Crazy Skateboard
    Use a skateboard or skooter and see how quickly you can get over the obstacle course!

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    156 plays

  • Crazy Slots
    Symbol Slots Get 2 or more same symbols to win place a bet and spin

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    210 plays

  • Crazy Snakes
    Hoses this time have spread panic in Mexico. Kill all the snakes, which can be dangerous. Be careful, not all snakes are bad...

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    128 plays

  • Crazy Snakes 2
    Crazy Snakes is a fun game set in the hot deserts of Mexico. Here, you must blast the snakes using your trusty mallet and can...

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    179 plays

  • Crazy Soldier
    Crazy Soldier who attack enemy's HQ alone !

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    171 plays

  • Crazy Space Shooter
    A vertical scroll shooter. 4 modes easy,normal,hard,prototype arcade game. The easy normal and hard versions are open ended i...

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    140 plays

  • Crazy Surf
    Wilson was shipwrecked on a desert island! Why not enjoy the tropical climate for surfing, while waiting to be rescued?

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    136 plays

  • Crazy SUV
    SUV is the combination of fashion and sport. The SUV is so powerful that it can take you to places with their more rugged off...

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    277 plays

  • Crazy Tank
    Drive Tank as fast as possible! Press the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up and down keys to control the speed, a...

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    123 plays

  • Crazy Tanks
    Destroy 100 tanks and win the game. Update weaponry with a chopper.

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    130 plays

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