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  • Escape Maniac
    Are going to marry Fat Princess? I don't think so. But, you are near from her, so let's escape as far as you can. Don't let t...

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    131 plays

  • Escape Master
    Survive in over 40+ levels gradually increasing in difficulty. This will not be an easy platform game for anybody and guarant...

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    161 plays

  • Escape Math
    Math Addition Game. Click the ball that has the correct answer.

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    91 plays

  • Escape Mystic Manor
    You were kidnapped and taken to Mystic Manor, an old abandoned building on the outside of town. You have been here for at lea...

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    178 plays

  • Escape Paris
    You work eighteen hours and whaddeya get? Ya get Paris in jail with her dog. Can you help her back to her shallow life of gla...

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    153 plays

  • Escape Redgrove Manor
    You and your friends went to check out the creepy old Redgrove Manor. Once you were inside you friends disappeared! Now you m...

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    180 plays

    Point and click type room escape game . In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to search around to find some obj...

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    114 plays

  • Escape Sing Girlfriend's Room
    This is a room puzzle escape game,you trapped in the room of your girl friend,you must find some useful hidden objects and us...

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    146 plays

  • Escape Sing's office
    This is a room escape puzzle game.You're locked in office and you must find some useful hidden objects and combination them t...

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    200 plays

  • Escape South Sanatorium
    You have had nightmares about the South Sanatorium for years. Knowing that several of your family members spent their final d...

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    148 plays

  • Escape Sports Room
    You have to collect all the items and solve all the puzzles to escape!

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    155 plays

  • Escape the Anus
    You are Lemmiwinks, the class Gerbil at South Park Elementary School. Because of Mr. Garrison, you have been "injected" into ...

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    133 plays

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